Monday, January 9, 2017

Jane is 3

No pictures but I noticed that I wrote a little bit about MC at this age so wanted to write about Jane as well.

You are a  MESS Jane.. hysterical.
love to dance
love to sing
watch your kindle and play music videos.  you push the stool up the counter and unplug it yourself.
you love to wear a leotard and are trying to do everything your sissy does.
you tell me I have coffee breath when I kiss you in the morning "disgusting" you say.
you and mc sleep together and she usually tells you to be quiet and stop wiggling.
you are bossy, no question.
you get in to my lipstick any chance you get.
your little run is hysterical, very athletic.  you climb a good bit too.
you call all my friends by their first name.. usually a nickname you have given them.
you think all of mc's friends are yours.. it melts my heart.
you squeeze my cheeks and say "I love you little Mommy."
you keep us laughing constantly. In church recently you yelled "I don't want to put the $ in the plate!"

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